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There was a period during which Sunnywood was being transformed into a worker cooperative, which means that the employees equally own the company. We are sincerely committed to a democratized workplace and see it as an opportunity to stand in defiance against the concentration of wealth that corporate structure tends to foster. Indeed, it seems a simple and yet revolutionary approach to business that sincerely enhances community wealth.

Throughout the existence of Sunnywood Deisgns, there has been a clear thread of purpose that we work collaboratively with other developers and designers whose friendship we cherish and whose work we admire. We were inspired by the notion of restructuring our company as a worker cooperative.

But the turns of life eventually led not to a cooperative corporation under the name of Sunnywood, but to the acquisition of Sunnywood by a company intent on transforming entire markets to focus on energy efficiency in buildings. Performance Systems Development draws our attention to the impact that we can make by applying our skills to projects that involve thousands of buildings at a time. It is compelling, and the people who see the potential of PSD are committed to its success, ourselves among them.

Sunnywood continues to evolve, but we still seek purposeful work, meaningful relationships with our clients, and a collaborative work environment that fosters community wealth and promotes an environmentally sustainable future.