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Case Study

Green Developments 2.0

Green DevelopmentsChallenge: Develop a CD-ROM companion to the Rocky Mountain Institute book Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate to expand the case studies presented in the book and provide extensive additional resources.

Results: The original CD-ROM companion had been developed principally by Eric Woods while working for CREST. RMI chose to work with Sunnywood in order to tap into Eric's experience as an interactive media developer and his existing knowledge of the project. For the version 2.0 project we applied staged-development practices, giving the client clear visibility of the project progress with well-defined review and approval stages. The initial on-disc database was doubled in size and several new features were added. We managed the CD-ROM production and duplication process and provided technical support for the product for three years.


  • Macromedia Director
  • QuickTime
  • Setup Factory and Installer Vise
  • V12 Database Xtra for Macromedia Director