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Case Study

The Nature Conservancy - Carbon Calculator

The Nature ConservancyChallenge: The Nature Conservancy wanted serious science behind a carbon calculator that would be a marquee feature of

Results: Sunnywood brought together the trio of capabilities we are known for to produce one of the most successful carbon calculators on the Web. Visual design: perfectly hit the tone of the site, with understated sophistication and clarity. Engineering: produced a technical design based on solid science that passed muster with TNC's IPCC-participating science team and still met the ease of use requirements of the digital marketing team. Programming: implemented a smooth-running Javascript-based application on top of TNC's stringent content management system, integrating the calculator results with their carbon offset program. The calculator remains one of the top three carbon calculators on the Web, a million people have used it, and it has an astonishing 75% completion rate.